Francisco Basin

Project Overview

Francisco Basin features a salar and lagoon with shallow surface brine, and a gradually rising plain to the south.

This southern plain is the focus area of the project, with an exploration target of 0.3 – 1.2 million tons of lithium.

The Francisco Basin Project is a potentially larger and higher grade project.

Work Completed and Next Steps

Two surface brine sampling programs: average lithium grades of 375 & 694 mg/L Li recorded.

This is in the mid to high range of grades for exploration stage projects in the Lithium Triangle, and 2-3X higher than the reported lithium grade from any geothermal brine project in Europe or North America.

Geophysics: identified priority lithium target zone (10-25 km2).

Reconnaissance drilling: completed rotary hole to 220m, confirmed geophysics model (aquifer thickness).

Brine samples analysed by Ad-Infinitum: estimate lithium grade of 300-600 mg/L expected from target aquifer.

Next stage is specialist water well drill rig for resource drilling via casing, pump testing and sampling deep aquifer.