Sustainable Lithium

New Path Required

We have the right projects and strategy for Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE).

There are two main sources of lithium, salt lake brines and pegmatites or ‘hard rock’ lithium mines.

Conventional method of processing brine uses large evaporation ponds (20 – 50km2) depletes the aquifers of salt lake basins, impacting the environment and indigenous or local communities.

Hard rock lithium requires energy intensive processing with high costs & high CO2 emissions and large open cast mining operations.

Deploying direct lithium extraction (DLE), is a revolution in sustainability for lithium extraction.

Traditional Lithium Production Issues

  • Hard rock deposits: energy intensive, high CO2 emissions.
  • Brine deposits: evaporation ponds, large environmental footprint.

Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE)

Deploying direct lithium extraction (DLE), a revolution in sustainability for lithium extraction.

  • Brine is pumped to processing unit, resin used to extract only lithium, spent brine re-injected.
  • No evaporation ponds, no aquifer depletion.