Solar Initiative

Solar Based Processing

CleanTech Lithium solar initiative to produce battery grade lithium with exceptionally low CO2 footprint.

  • Projects are located in world's best solar region, opportunity to fully utilize low cost solar for process power
  • Solar initiative to be led by Managing Director Aldo Boitano, a pioneer in Chile's solar industry
  • Expert in using IoT blockchain based technologies to integrate solar power into industrial processes

Low Emissions For EU Market

Europe is the key growth market for lithium with demand forecast to increase 10X this decade

  • The EU recently announced strict CO2 footprint limits on the Li-ion battery supply chain
  • Evaporation & hard rock production generate high emissions: estimated 5 - 15 tons CO2 per ton of lithium
  • CTL strategy to integrate DLE with solar unlocks a path to zero emissions, a critical advantage for the EU market


European LI-ion Battery Cell (GWh)

Demand for LI-ion battery cell within Europe is set to increase exponentially year on year. Lithium plays a big part in sustainable energy future.

Lithium Production

CO2 Ton/Lithium Ton

Our Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) using solar based power ensures means that we are by far the closest production method to the ultimate target of producing lithium with zero emissions.